Thursday, July 19, 2007

Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival in Second Life 10th aug.

On the 10th of august will Rinus van Alebeek's festival Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival take place on Odyssey island on Second Life. This is in parallell with the ongoing Berlin festival happenings at RAUM. The audience at RAUM will be able to follow the second life program from video beamer and surround audio system.
The festival is going on for all august on different dates and locations and the 10th august is a special radio and second life day. The program is not all set yet, but some of the artists that will be heard at RAUM (either on location or from remote audio streams) are these:

happening at RAUM between 16.00-02.00 CET

on location at RAUM/Berlin
*Andreas Bick (Germany) /*/*/*
*Yehlin Lee (Taiwan) /*/*/*
*Soichiro Mitsuya /*/*/*

from remote at RAUM/Berlin
*rauschpartikel /*/*/*
*Luis Costa from binauralmedia (Portugal) /*/*/*
*Violet (DC, USA) /*/*/*
*Ben Owen (NYC, USA) /*/*/*
*Seattle Phonographers Union (USA) /*/*/*
*Thelmo Christovam (Brasil) /*/*/*
*Anla Courtis (Argentina) /*/*/*

from remote on Odyssey Island/Second Life and at RAUM/Berlin:
Adam Nash (Australia) /*/*/*
Brett Ian Balogh (USA) /*/*/*
Harold Schellinx /*/*/*
Hervé Birolini (France) /*/*/*
Jeff Gburek (Germany) /*/*/*
Jerome Joy (France) /*/*/*/
Locus Sonus (France and world wide) /*/*/*
Robert Gilks (UK) /*/*/*
Transponderfish (Germany) /*/*/*

Chi5 Shenzhou are building the sound houses for the virtual section of this festival. Personally i am very fond of this glass house of her design, but it can be something else that she will build aswell as she will have artistic freedom on this. Looking forward to see what she comes up with.